Six days to go…

While yes, I should be tapering, I needed to get out and run today!! So I went to Prospect Park and did a loop and a tad more. YAY!

Things I learned on that run:
* My pace has apparently improved to the point I’m regularly in the 11:30-12 minute mile range now! WOOT!
* I will likely be in short sleeves and maybe arm warmers for the WDW Half. I did my run today in conditions much like those predicted for race in a long-sleeved shirt and I got a bit overheated.
* I’m not sure I’m totally loving the “upgrades” on the Asics GT-2160 model. While it doesn’t look that different from the GT-2150s, it does put some weird pressure/rubbing on that tendon that runs over the top of your foot and up the inside top of your ankle (if you raise your toes while keeping your heel on the ground, it’s that thing that pops up on the inside top of your leg where it meets the ankle). Or at least it does in my purple ones – and no, I didn’t notice it when I tried them on in the store. I did try on the white and blue ones when I got home today, and it doesn’t *seem* to do it with those (note the other note). I’m going to try them tomorrow. If they do the same, I have to decide if I’m going to go with some on the verge of needing to be replaced 2150s or risk going to JackRabbit and getting new shoes on Monday before my first Half. The perfect example of “the improvements may not feel like improvements to you” adage I was told regarding shoes. I’m leaning towards if necessary going with the older 2150s – stick with what you know. Then AFTER the half I’ll hit the LRS and work on finding a new shoe and/or brand.

So chalk day 2 in the 100 Days Challenge up to done! Woot!!

Six days!!!


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