Training Day 80 ~ Woohoo! Running again!!

So today was the day back attempting a workout after resting for three days thanks to my twingy IT band. I soooooo needed it. I was feeling like a giant slug!!

Because of scheduling and stuff, I went to the gym to run on the treadmill (also easier to deal with than say Prospect Park if the knee started protesting). I decided it wouldn’t hurt to run in the heated gym in case it’s on the warmer side this year for the Half Marathon at Disney.

It went well!!! I felt good all the way through the run, so woo!!!! It was 10 reps of 4:1. Then I did a lot of good stretching, focusing on my IT band yoga poses and other stretches. Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

Came home, ate, got a hot shower, and have bonded some more with The Stick. It’s now packed in the bag to get ready to go to Disney for Christmas. Yay!!! If only I’d been tired at say 7 so I could have taken a nap. I’m a little afraid to try a nap now for fear I won’t wake up when the alarm goes off. I figure another hour, hour and a half and I’ll head in. Hit the post office that’s open 24/7, and then hit a 24-hour Starbucks for caffeine before meeting my shuttle to the airport.

I’m not sure if I’m going to get internet while I’m down there… I’ll keep written notes if I’m not and fill you in on everything once I’m back! 🙂


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