Training Day 77 ~ Unscheduled (but nice) rest

So given my twingy IT band, I took an unscheduled rest day today.

Well, actually after 9.3 miles yesterday I probably would have done that anyway, but the IT band just gave me an excuse.

It’s been good – I got a little bit of extra speedy walking in going from the Duane Reade where my prescription refill was SUPPOSED to be called in only to discover that rather than actually listen to my message completely, the scrip refill department at my health clinic just went with the one on file (that will be changing ASAP), so it’s sitting in Brooklyn. And after 35 minutes on the phone with the scrip refill department, I had no answer as to why they hadn’t listened to the message but we had determined that because it was already sent in to another Duane Reade it couldn’t be changed. So I’ll be without that med for a day. Joy.

Had a great night at a reading though, so yay!

Now to use The Stick and than go to bed!

(Oh…the knee is feeling a lot better. I’ll still rest tomorrow though just to be sure.)


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