Training Day 75 ~ “Rest”

Because of my race tomorrow, today turned into an SRD.

Well, kind of. I still did a lot of walking. Went to the UPS hub to get my packages – a RunDisney tech shirt and a Half Marathon Vinylmation from my RWOL BF Secret Santa, a shirt I’d gotten from NYRR, and my present FOR my sister (nope Andrea, it’s not that easy!!). Then went into Manhattan to get some stuff from The Body Shop, get some more PowerBar Energy Gels…and also got The Stick! Woo!!, then hiked up to get lunch, made the mistake of going in Macy’s, then went to help with confirmation, and then back to Union Square to get my co-worker Secret Santa person a present. And finally home.

Now I’m relaxing. I’ll pin the number and lay out the clothes in a few, take a hot shower, and then go to bed to try and sleep.

Tomorrow? My first 15K.


Oh… Also???

THREE WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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