Training Day 74 ~ XT

This afternoon I did the 30 Day Shred Level 3! Woo!

I was proud that I did the walking planks on my toes rather than my knees. AND I didn’t faceplant partway through like I used to do.

I’m probably not going to make it to Fun Run tomorrow because UPS is stupid. Just a note…pay NO attention to the times where the driver checks off the time for the next attempted delivery. I have it straight from a UPS phone agent that they mean NOTHING. But I already figured that one out…why else would they have attempted delivery at 10:34am when after 5pm had been checked on the form the driver left.

Yeah. Not happy. So I get to spend a couple of hours tomorrow going out to the UPS hub to get 3 packages. I’m pretty sure I know what one is, pretty sure another is from my beginner’s forum Secret Santa…but the third one I’m clueless about. Surprise!

But now? I’m fighting to keep my eyes open, so I’m getting some sleep. Rest is part of training too, after all!!


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