Training Day 72 ~ In which I prove I’ve got “brass ovaries”

Yep! I ran tonight! One of two women who did. (I didn’t see the other one…I started early because I didn’t want people to have to hang out waiting for me.)

It. Was. Cold.

But I did it!! The whole middle loop of Central Park. AND I ran up Cat Hill!! Woohoo!!!! Go me!!!! I’m proud!

Then met up with some of the other girls at Amsterdam Ale House to celebrate Holly’s birthday. Good times. And YUMMY bison burger!!!!!!!

Oh…and the NYC Half Marathon? This local girl got lucky and I AM IN!!! March 20th baby!! Woohoo!!!! I’m sad for everyone who wanted to run it and didn’t get in. I would have been very sad too. I just sort of assumed it would be done along the lines of the full – with weighted entries for non-locals. I was a shocked as anyone to see “Accepted” on my page. But I’m thrilled and I’m going to do it proud!!


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