Training Day 70 ~ That felt good!!

The good news is the knee and leg felt ok all day!!

So I headed out for my training run. I debated going over to Prospect Park, but ultimately decided just to go to Von King. It was closer, and I wouldn’t have to shiver on the train. I decided to break out a pair of my new shoes and see what those felt like. I’m not positive that the others are why my legs have been heavy and tired easily lately, but I’m not positive it’s not the shoes.

Well, the legs felt great the whole time! Woo!! Now…I’m not 100% sure it was the shoes as I had a total rest day yesterday (other than walking like 8 blocks round trip to Duane Reade). But it felt great t have a really good run!!

The only little glitch was that the HRM strap isn’t reading – or wasn’t today. I’ll see what it does tomorrow…I guess I’ll just use recent calories burned with whatever I decide to do. Maybe average them or something. I’m wondering if it was the battery – that could explain the wildly different amount of calories burned between Friday’s and Saturday’s Yoga for the Warrior.

It’s always something! Gah!!


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