Training Day 69 ~ OUCH! Seriously? NOW?

Today was a scheduled rest day! Woo!!

Then I woke up and got out of bed. And slammed my leg right below my knee at the top of my shin into the bedframe. I’ve had the bed since July and haven’t hit it yet. Until today.


I can walk on it and bend it. It’s clearly just bruised. I’m not sure if the bone itself is bruised or not. But it’s definitely sore.

I’ve spent the day icing it off and on with frozen peas
exhibit a
and some friends on RunnersWorld’s beginners forum recommended some creams for me to use. I did go up to Duane Reade in a slight break in the rain and wind and got some. The other I’ll look for for future use when I can get to a Hispanic market.

I don’t think it’s the total disaster it could have been. Just a definite wake-up call.


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