Training Day 68 ~ Jingle Bell Jog and Yoga

The race went pretty well this morning. πŸ™‚ Yay!!

For this run I was given a pink bib rather than the further back purple. Definitely a feature of there being fewer people who signed up and the title “jog” attracting more people so that the corrals were a bit redistributed. I’m sure I’ll be back in my purple corral next week, never fear. Got lined up, barely heard the national anthem as the girl was either very soft or held the mic very far from her mouth, and we were off.

We started about mid-way into the park on the road that cuts across its middle. I knew the very first part and very last part were the same path, just in reverse, and it did occur to me that coming back wasn’t going to be fun since we started out downhill. More on that later.

The big advantage of this starting point was I didn’t realize we were basically on “the Beast” as soon as we came down the start/finish bit. For those unfamiliar with my terminology (and if you are, you haven’t been reading my blog regularly!! πŸ˜› ), “the Beast” is the primary hill in Prospect Park if you go to the right (we won’t even go into the almost constant hill you’re climbing if you go to the left), and it is brutal. It’s one of those that is seemingly benignly gradual, but it’s lethal in its length. Then there’s a little bit of “Good I’m done” but nope…a slightly steeper climb awaits you before you’re “done” and can go down for a little while. The good thing about not realizing that’s where I was until I was most of the way up it is that I was able to run most of it. The bad thing about that is I wasn’t really pacing myself for the hill and so I did pay for it with my legs a little later in the run. Still, I felt good about starting so strong.

I continued around the loop of the park with little to note, good or bad. I did go to a 3:30/1:30 run/walk ratio today. My legs have been very fatigued all week (girl stuff – UGH!), and the 4:1 just hasn’t been feeling great, so I opted to split the difference so to speak. This ratio seemed to work well.

Overall I felt like I was able to keep up a pretty steady pace, and my garmin data bears that out. The run section that was all downhill has a pace of 10 and change minute mile, the times that I did walk towards the end has a 12 and change minute mile, and most of the other run segments were in the 11 and change minute mile range.

Per the NYRR data, my overall average was 11:56 and my chip time was 47:45.

I’ll take it! Given how my legs felt all week, I just wanted to finish in less time than I did the 5 miles, and I did that by almost 11 minutes, so woo! Like I said, pretty much a consistent pace!

All in all it was a good time. And yes, I’ll probably do it again next year! πŸ™‚

After the race I headed to Trader Joe’s to do some shopping for me AND get stuff for the FRNY Womens Holiday Party tonight! YAY! Came home and ate some lunch, rested for a bit, and then did Yoga for the Warrior again.

Still love it. It felt great to do some of those deep stretches today after the run! I’m a little confused as to how I burned over 100 more calories today as opposed to yesterday, but I’ll take what I can get, you know?

And now I’m all showered and chilling out until it’ time to get ready and head to Harlem. Woohoo!!! πŸ™‚

Oh yeah…at the race I ended up wearing my “Does this shirt make my butt look fast?” and got a lot of compliments and “OMG I LOVE that shirt!” comments. Hee!


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