Training Day 67 ~ Back to Zen

Decided to go back to Yoga for the Warrior for my XT today. I sort of needed the zen, and I’ve missed it. Plus it was a nice long workout – 60 minutes.

The stretching felt sooooooooooo good!!! I’m really glad I took advantage of the groupon for the pilates studio. My Merry Christmas to Me gift will be the 3 private session dealio they have and then using the 5 class card – probably going to do Cardiolates with that, but we’ll see.

Tomorrow is the Jingle Bell Jog! I’m excited. I *hope* I come in under an hour. I should, since running pretty much the same course minus a mile was the Turkey Trot that took me 56:57. I don’t want to take anything to granted though. Weather conditions might be different. My cough might act up. But I’m still going to give it my all!!

The bells are on my shoe!! 🙂 Seriously, those make me far too happy!!! (I’m sure that my mom would agree that I’ve always been a fan of bells on my shoes since she had to remove the bells from my special shoe I had to correct a foot issue when I was little. Drove her nuts before we got home from what I hear tell. LOL.) I think since it seems most of my Front Runner teammates will be at the Fun Run and/or wrapping presents, I’m going to wear one of my new shirts over the pink long-sleeved shirt. I think I shall go with the lime green “Does this shirt make my butt look fast?” one! Hee!!! And I’m going to give the Mickey Ears Santa Hat a go…but be ready to tuck it into the tights when I get too hot. Might as well have fun, right? 🙂

Ok…going to chill out for a little while and try to be in bed by 9. I’ll set the clock for 6 – sleeping in by a whole half hour! Woohoo! Go me!! In theory I should be able to leave at 8 and get there, but I’d rather be early, so I’ll leave at 7:30. Woo!


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