Training Day 66 ~ Brrrrrrrrrrrrabbit!!!!!!

It is darn cold out there!!!!

Went to NYRR headquarters to get my bells, number and shirt for the Jingle Bell Jog on Saturday, then took advantage of “changing and locker privileges” and did my run in Central Park. I did the 4 mile loop at 4:1 with warm up and cool down. Went up and had to double back to get the final bit of walk and the cool down in, but it’s all good.

Wasn’t my best, but it wasn’t my worst. Again I ended up doing more racewalking than running, but I ran when I could.

I’m thinking maybe a 3:30 to 1:30 ratio might be a good compromise for the Half. Of course, the terrain will be flatter AND it will (hopefully) be a little warmer, so 4:1 might work. We’ll see how I’m feeling closer in.

I’m out there and moving…and staying injury-free. And that’s what matters! 🙂


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