Training Day 64 ~ XT, woohoo!!

Wasn’t sure what I was going to do for my XT today. Initially I thought I’d do something after going to Trader Joe’s to get the things I’d forgotten the other day. But the MTA was failing big time with the bus and I didn’t want to deal with the subway, so I evaluated. Nothing on there I absolutely 100% needed. So back around the corner and into the apartment.

What to do, what to do?

30 Day Shred Level 3 hello! 🙂 It’s probably my favorite level. I was a little confused as I felt like I was working harder than before, but I burned fewer calories. What’s up with that? Oh well. It’s all good.

Especially since I’m trying an experiment with my food. I’ve always heard the adage about eating breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper, but have never really done it. Honestly other than pancakes or the like, I don’t like enough breakfast foods to really do that. With “breakfast” food that is. Then it occurred to me… Who says breakfast has to be what we typically think of as “breakfast”? Why can’t I eat “dinner” food for breakfast and “breakfast” food for dinner? So I’m giving it a try for a little while. Obviously I’ll differ it a little on race days and long run days – but that tends to be a sandwich or smoothie with peanut butter anyway. So… So far I do feel like I had more energy today than I have on an average day. But that could just be psychological. I’ll sort of track stuff on here and see what happens. It did make it easier to stay under my calorie goal.

Now, it’s bedtime because I am TIRED! Tomorrow is an SRD. Not going to do fun run. I’ll hit Prospect Park on Thursday as a warm-up for Saturday! 🙂


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