Training Day 62 – Stray Dogs and Snowflakes and Seizures OH MY!

aka my take on the Kleinerman 10K! (Don’t worry!! I didn’t have seizures!!!)

Ok, yes, technically my run should have been 8 miles today, but I figure racing makes up for the 1.8 mile difference. (I may throw in an extra run this week to counterbalance it.)It was also my first official New York Road Runners race! Woo!!!

I got up at 0 dark hundred hours to get ready and head out for the race. Socks and shoes, tights, long-sleeved pink shirt, Front Runners singlet, gloves, hoodie, fleece jacket, and skull cap with ponytail hole. Yeah, I was cute. Headed out to the G-train (to the L to the 4, 5, or 6).

That’s where the stray dog comes in. Not on my platform, but on the other one, there was a really cute Staffie (aka Pit Bull) trotting back and forth. Not bothering anyone, just trotting back and forth and looking lost. Can’t say the same for the jerk who was sitting on a bench complaining loudly about it but doing nothing (and sorry dude…if the dog was vicious, it would have chomped the heck out of you and I would have laughed). He was bothering EVERYONE. Some guy who looked like a security person for somewhere got the dog to follow him up the stairs, but the dog wouldn’t go outside. Probably too cold. It wasn’t long before the dog trotted back down the stairs. When the train came on that side, the poor baby was freaking out, not sure where to go at all. He ended up getting on the train just before the doors shut, so I have no clue what happened to him after that. I hope he is able to find a good home!!!!

The transfer to the L was not a problem. But the 4, 5 and 6 were running crazy slow. Like, hopstop said the trip should take me an hour and 8 minutes. It took over 90! I’m glad I left extra early. Next time I’ll know to leave even earlier. At Union Square, a bunch of us just hopped on the 4, which came first, and then at 86th transferred to the 6 – which took FOREVER and we ended up with a train PACKED with runners. So FAIL on the MTA this weekend! And it’s not like there was construction!!! Grr!!!!

Trotted over to Central Park and to baggage drop. Then hoofed it to my section of the starting area. By the time I got over people were moving up and colors were getting mixed in. People were just jumping in wherever. As they were doing pre race announcements, there were some snow flurries that drifted down! 🙂 Yay!!!!

National Anthem was sung (not that this girl behind me knew it since she talked full-volume all the way through it even after she said “Why did everyone stop talking?” and then continued blabbering on) and the start horn sounded. We could see the front people start out and there was some movement at the beginning of the line. And then…

“We need an EMT to the starting line IMMEDIATELY!!” followed by “We need an EMT and a defibrillator to the starting line IMMEDIATELY!!”

Um, WTF????? Already?????

Big thanks to the woman beside me who kept me from freaking out – reminded me that there are people who will take care of whoever it is and just to focus on my race. I still got off to a shaky start with all that. I couldn’t really tell what was happening when we passed the area, but from what I understand, a spectator collapsed right as the race was starting and was apparently having a seizure, then stopped breathing or something. SCARY!!!!!!!!!

I decided to try the 4:1 ratio again. It wasn’t my smartest decision with the cold and the hills right to start, but I ran as much as I could. Did more walking than I had planned for sure – especially on the hills. I did have some fellow Front Runners doing some awesome cheering on the course and a little coaching as well, so that rocked!!!!!

I did have that weird experience – not sure if it was exactly a runner’s high or what – where I remember being on Harlem Hill and the next thing I’m aware of, I was at the other end of Central Park near Columbus Circle. Like around the time I started wondering where the 102nd St. transverse was or where the Delacorte was, etc. Apparently what I thought was the 102nd in my little bubble was actually the 72nd St transverse. Very weird! Obviously I kept on running!! There’s no other way I could have gotten there. I was either concentrating so hard on what I was doing I didn’t notice or else I just sort of went into lala land mentally. LOL. So basically I’m not sure about Miles 2 and 3 until I got to the bottom of Central Park.

More awesome Front Runners (well, the same ones but in different places) appeared around onto the bottom of East Drive. Linda ran me to Mile 4, encouraging me and coaching me all the way there. Somewhere around 4.5 or so I HAD to take a pit stop. I didn’t want to, but with my cough, the fact that I had to KIND OF, maybe go to the bathroom meant that yes, I HAD to or things wouldn’t have been pretty. Shortly after that I passed (again since they’d moved) “Koach Kelsey” and another of our guys (sorry…my ID is off a little right now) who were really encouraging. Once I’m done with the WDW Half I want to do some of Kelsey’s workouts. I just don’t want to mess up what I’ve got going right now.

Got to Mile 5 and felt pretty good. I knew the end was in sight, and I felt like I might be able to pull out a PR. Probably not my stretch goal of 1:15:00, but an improvement on my 1:17:19 from October. But I was a little conservative at that point because I didn’t want to look like death warmed over crossing the finish line. LOL. I hit my last walk interval kinda close to the finish – but I decided I was just going to run through the last part of it and keep going to the finish.

Per my Garmin, which I stopped for the pit stop, my time was 1:16:18. I just looked at my results and the official chip time is 1:17:45. So I guess technically I can’t count it as a PR (I don’t know the rules on that). But I feel good about how I did.

Then it was off to BGB (Big Girl Breakfast) with the women of Front Runners. We had a bit of a goof-up at the restaurant in that while we had reserved a big table, another running club showed up first and the restaurant assumed they were us. Oops! But it was all good. And proving how my brain works or doesn’t when I’m tired and hungry, I ordered…

A bacon, EGG, and cheese omelet.

Yeah…confused the waitress for a moment there. I rule!

But yes. I have now completed a 10K in Central Park. I have now completed a 10K in the cold – oh, and learned that apparently I need to dress for like 20 degrees warmer than it is as I ended up shedding the gloves and hat before or within Mile 2 as I was overheating. SOOOO glad I didn’t put the arm warmers under the long sleeves!

Next Saturday? The Jingle Jog!


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