Training Day 61 ~ Did I say I loved the cold??

Don’t get me wrong, I still would rather have cold than hot. But.

Also, I do NOT want the 33 pounds I’ve lost back, and I don’t plan to stop at this point. But.

IT IS COLD!!!!!!!!!!


Today was an SRD for me, but I did a lot for an SRD. Went into Manhattan to get my bloodwork drawn. The guy there agreed that it was REALLY not fair to ask someone to do fasting bloodwork as late as 10:45 and pushed to get me in a little early. Then went and got pancakes (sadface!!! my tummy wasn’t overly happy with that choice!!! i love pancakes!!!!!). Then it was off to get my new discovery – those PowerBar Energy Gels!! Ended up getting a pink long-sleeved shirt to go under my FRNY singlet – it won’t match the orange trim on the lettering, but it’ll match my new tights I got with my groupon for The Running Company! Then an attempt to find a sewing kit (travel) to repair a small hole in some pants – that failed for the moment. Hit Gap Body for some new underwear (WHY do some people insist on pluralizing it??? The word is NOT “underwears”!!!!) since my Ls are giving me baggy butt. Would have gotten more than I did had I realized that the $1.99/pair price still applied! I may have to hit them again tomorrow and stock up!! Then off to help teach confirmation at church. After that I managed to succeed in finding a travel sewing kit (funny how you find those in the Garment District). And figured I’d just hit Trader Joe’s in Chelsea rather than going to the one in Brooklyn. OMG mistake!!!!! I have never been in so much crazy! And I’ve been to stores on Thanksgiving AND in the South when “the s-word” is mentioned! I will never complain about the “crowds” in Brooklyn’s store again!!!! Finally came home where I ate dinner (meat patty with cheese, french bread w/olive oil, and hearts of romaine with tuscan dressing, am hydrating, have gotten everything ready for tomorrow, have gotten a shower, and figured out why my apartment hasn’t been heating up like last year (it helps to remove the a/c uint from the window. DUH!). Very shortly I’ll blow dry the hair to get the damp out, take some cough medicine and go to bed.

It’s going to be an early morning for the JoeK 10K tomorrow!!!!

My one dilemma is would it be stupid to wear arm warmers under a long-sleeved shirt? (I’m wearing the singlet over it for added chest warmth. And FRNY visibility) I’ve got a long-sleeved FRNY shirt as well, and could in theory do 2 shirts, but then if I DO get too warm, I can’t take the top shirt off because of the race number. I’ve ordered a race number belt, but it hasn’t come in yet. Once it does, the 2 shirt thing will be a viable option since the number won’t be pinned to a shirt. Hmmm…

OH! And big congrats to the president-elect of FRNY for 2011 – Megan Jenkins!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!


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