Training Day 60 ~ Who knew I’d love the cold?

I had opted to go to the gym today, figuring if I’m going to be running in the cold on Sunday, I’d go to the gym today for my run.

I hadn’t thought they’d have the heat on relatively high.

I picked a treadmill under a ceiling fan, and I was still drenched by the end of my warm-up. Blech! I ended up walking a bit in some of the intervals, but I still made it through.

But from now on, unless it’s icy outside, I’ll take the runs outside.

First Friday Social was a lot of fun. 🙂 Then I went to Duane Reade to get some NyQuil to hopefully avoid a night like last night (it wasn’t pretty, let me tell you)…but I’m holding off on taking that until closer to midnight.

I’ve got to go to Callen-Lorde tomorrow for bloodwork. At 10:45am. And he wants it fasting, meaning I cannot eat or drink anything besides water or black coffee (ew!) until after it’s drawn. Hello brunch with pancakes and stuff immediately after!!!!!! Then I’ll need to go to JackRabbit or Paragon to get some of those energy gels – I know Paragon has them because I saw them the other day, then confirmation, then hitting Trader Joe’s for grocery shopping. So my “rest” day won’t be much of a “rest”, but that’s ok.

Then Sunday it’s the Kleinerman 10K!!!! Popping my NYRR race cherry! Hooray!!


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