Training Day 58 ~ Wow!

Run day! And it was Wet and Wild Women’s Wednesdays at FRNY, so obviously that’s where I went!

Thanks to the weather clearing out it wasn’t AS wet as it could have been, which, considering I’m dealing with a cold was a good thing!!

I’d gone in expecting I’d be doing a lot more walking than running, but at least I’d be getting the mileage in. Well, I also took my free sample pouch of PowerBar Energy Gels and ate those bout 30 minutes before the run started.

All I have to say is if they give me that much energy when I’m battling a cold, I cannot imagine what they’ll do for me when I’m feeling 100%!

Seriously! I was able to run all 11 of my running reps! And even increased my distance over the last 3:1×11 time at Central Park! Woo!!

Also? 3 minutes felt a LOT shorter after two times of 4 minutes! Ha! More incentive to try and do some of these races at 5:1 so that 4:1 will feel easier in the half! 😛

Oh, and NYRR has now said we’ll know about the NYC Half on December 15. Fingers crossed that holds true. They have posted the races for January-March, and I’ve signed up for 3 already. There is a 4th one, but I’m waiting to hear about the Half to decide if I’m going to go for the 15K or the 4M option since it’s one week later. Once I hear about that, I’ll decide and sign up.

Ok, time to eat and get ready to leave!


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