Training Day 52 ~ Trotting for Turkey

Or, you know, bacon cheeseburgers!!

Hi guys!!!!

Sorry it took me a while! I had to a) get a HOT shower and b) get stuff packed for when my parents get to town and c) wash the shameful pile of dishes in my sink before I could come and play on the computer!!

My first 5-mile race was AMAZING!!!!

No, I didn’t win or anything. Well, according to their stuff. I DID win by a) finishing and b) sort of shattering my “stretch goal” time!

First off, I’d gotten cold last night and woke up shivering (gonna have to talk with the landlord about the heat because it doesn’t seem to be coming on as much as last year), and apparently shivered so hard or stretched so hard or something that my front right groin area is sort of twingy. Joy. It was definitely chilly this morning. Thankfully not a lot of wind and no precipitation, so that helped!! I left the door looking like a little raggamuffin – cut off yoga pants (so they are shorts) over running capri tights, running vest and arm warmers in black; my short-sleeved Front Runners shirt in navy; my electric sky blue, silver and white Asics; my grey Broadway Impact hoodie, and my raspberry-colored NYC Marathon headband. Yeah…I was cute! Oh, and my number was pinned to the shorts.

Well, walking on the street from one subway to another, I wasn’t HOT by any stretch of the imagination, but I was not chilled enough that I decided to lose the vest – and then when I got to Prospect Park lose the shorts and put the number on my shirt. Did that. Kept the hoodie on until the last possible moment, when I turned my bag into bag check. At that point I met up with some other Front Runners, and we headed to the starting area.

I don’t know the exact number of people, but there were over 2000 for sure. And no real organization about the start, so it was just sort of wherever.

I had my plan to so 4 minutes running: 1 minute walking, and stuck with it. I knew that doing 3:1 put me right around a 12 minute mile. The first mile went amazingly well – I was under 12 minutes for it. Woo!! The second mile I was even a little quicker…and starting to scare myself, so I consciously tried to slow down a little. I shouldn’t have worried…because in that third mile came The Beast. I ran as much as I could, but I did walk most of it. Still, when I hit the mile 3 marker, the guy calling out the time said 34 (and I forget the seconds). I was STILL under my usual pace (knowing I was running a minute longer than I have been, so that was bound to increase it, I still wasn’t expecting to be that far under what I was expecting)! Kept going and learned that yeah, I need to walk the water stops (I skipped the first one because of crowding…but it was ok since I had my fuel belt with water on me). Hit mile marker #4 and heard “And 46 minutes.” WTF???? All I knew was to hit my stretch goal I’d need to be at 48 minutes at that point (Oh, and I should point out that it took me probably at least 30 seconds to cross the start.), so I knew my stretch goal was well within sight at that point as I was feeling pretty good. I did push a little harder than I should have, and had to drop to a walk, but I picked up running again with the next run interval. I got to just before I could see the clock at the finish and saw the cluster of Front Runners all standing there watching for me – and they exploded when they saw me, cheering me on and pushing me to go for it. So I did – maybe not QUITE all out because of the early-mentioned groin twinginess, but I pushed!

They’ll be posting the official times tomorrow, but for now I’ll go with my Garmin (which I know I took a little while to get stopped for various reasons) time…



Also, got my first race bling!!!

My bling!!

So yeah…I’m feeling really good about things now!! 🙂 Dare I try a 5:1 ratio? We’ll see!!!!

Hope everyone has a great Turkey Day!


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