Training Day 51 ~ Thanksgiving with the Goodmans

If you know me, this likely makes perfect sense. If you don’t…well, read on!

Today was an SRD. With a Turkey Trot tomorrow. And a little thing called Thanksgiving Break. What’s a girl to do?

Go into Manhattan and do the lottery for probably her favorite show. next to normal. So I did. After I’d dropped my name in the bucket, I had about 25 minutes to kill…and didn’t really want to kill them in the wind tunnel known as Shubert Alley. So I wandered around. Checked out the tkts board, and decided if I didn’t get pulled in the lottery I’d head back to tkts and get a ticket to Billy Elliot assuming they still had tickets (and when they’re at 50% there’s a pretty good chance).

Well, I got pulled – left box, which is the better view of the two boxes but the pain in the butt for moving before intermission. Unless you have a very nice usher who lets you know ahead of time that you can move. We were not so lucky tonight, and she opted to tell us AFTER the “turn off your cell phones” announcement when the performance is seconds away from starting. I hopped up to the front portion of the box (those girls had been told by another usher to just sit in the mezz), and the other two stayed put until intermission rather than miss part of the show.

It was great! 🙂

Of course I did the lovely thing of getting tangled in my jacket and the box curtain and almost completely wiping out coming down the couple of steps out of the box. THAT wouldn’t have been good for tomorrow! Or possibly the Half.

But I survived unscathed.

I got home a few minutes ago and laid out my stuff for tomorrow. I’m probably wearing my old yoga pants that I cut off over my running tights…and pinning my number on those so I can wear my running vest tomorrow. It’s gonna be COLD! BRRRR!!!!

I guess I should probably sleep too.

Sorry for the mostly non-running-related entry. But hey…it was an SRD day! What’s a girl to do?


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