Training Day 49 ~ Another Great Run!

Yeah, today was another of those great days. My legs felt a little bit heavy as I got further into the 11 reps, but I kept going. 🙂

I’ve decided that I want to get a better idea of my run/walk pace, and I know my warm-up and cool-down paces were bringing that average down, so I have started putting those on my Garmin separately and doing the actual workout portion as its own thing.

My average pace? Getting within seconds of a 12 minute mile! WOO!!!

I’m thinking that I might try the 4:1 ratio for the Turkey Trot. Worst case, I add in a little more walking. But it’ll be good to see what that interval pace feels like so I can start figuring out what I want my half interval pace to be. Better to start sooner than later I think! 🙂


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