Training Day 48 ~ I can haz arm warmers?!?!?

Hey, it’s an SRD, so not a lot to report. Hang with me here! šŸ˜›

Church was this morning. It was a good ego boost with people complimenting me on my weight loss. Definitely incentive to keep going to my goal. And stay out of the kitchen for the rest of the night other than to get more water.

Wandered around Manhattan for a while until I saw a play (Life in the Theatre) which I kind of wish I’d skipped. I didn’t think Mamet could be boring. This one is. Blech.

Then it was off to JackRabbit on the Upper East Side (UES) lo get my bib and stuff for the Turkey Trot. And I’ve got arm warmers! We get those instead of a t-shirt. They’re cute! One arm has the JackRabbit logo and one arm has the words “Turkey Trot”. It’s kinda cool! Also got some Team in Training info. I’ve considered them, but honestly I like kind of doing my own thing and training plan and the whole group-think (based on the massive groups I’ve seen in Central Park) stuff kind of scares me. I may go to an information session…but we’ll see.

All in all, it’s been a good day. Now I need to go and lay out my running stuff for tomorrow afternoon. Woo!


One thought on “Training Day 48 ~ I can haz arm warmers?!?!?

  1. COOL! Arm Warmers. What cool and useful running swag.
    I did TNT a few years back training for the Solvang Century ride. I learned so much about how to prepare and train for an endurance event which I believe has helped with my running now…but….it was so hard for me to raise the $ required to participate. I am just not good at it unless I am selling my adorable ex-preemie for the March of Dimes. The the money comes rolling in and I know it is because of the cute kid.
    Loving following your progress here.

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