Training Day 47 – SEVEN MILES!!!!!

Yep! Today I ran/walked the furthest I’ve ever done in a workout not counting the warm-up and cool-down!!


It was one full loop around Central Park and then one more time around the bottom loop! And I only thought I was going to die once when I attempted to start a running interval while going up Harlem Hill. Yeah…that lasted for all of 30 seconds. Then I dropped to a walk. But that’s ok. The only serious incline I’ll have to face at Disney I’ve already decided I’ll likely be walking because it’s like in the last couple of miles. I know, right?

I did it in an hour and a half, which makes my pace 12:50 minutes per mile! WOOHOO!!!! And I’m pretty consistent within about 30 seconds on each running interval, which is really good.

Especially since I’m planning (per my training plan, but I plan to play around with this during my upcoming races) to run/walk the WDW Half at a 4:1 ratio. Planning to try that out on Thursday at the Turkey Trot. My plan calls for 48 minutes of 3:1…which actually might put me close to 5 miles…but we’ll see. I figure I’ll just go for it and see what happens.

So now? I’m tired. But it’s a good tired! It’s that tired that comes from pushing yourself and accomplishing something! Yay!!


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