Training Day 46 – My *other* little torture program

So we all remember my “Butt, Balance and Abs” creation of Tuesday, right?

Well, today I decided to work on the top half. So I took the “beginner” workout on Bob’s strength dvd – which is mostly arms, though there’s a little bit of legs in there – and the yoga abs workout and put them together.

That would have been tough enough. But I decided to get 5 pound weights and step up from my 3 pounders I’d been using.

Um. OW! Who knew 2 pounds per hand would make THAT much of a difference.

Still, it’s a good ow, because it’s good for me! So yay!

Got my “Training for Mortals” log book in the mail today! 🙂 Now to decide… Do I use it for the last few weeks of training for my half and go from there or do I wait until January 1 and do it for a whole calendar year? Hmm… Decisions, decisions.

I think it’s about time for a hot shower (don’t get me started on how bizarre the heat’s been in the building so far this year), and then a fairly early night. Got to be up and start on my long run early tomorrow so I can make bagels and stuff on time. Especially since 7 miles plus warm-up and cool-down is a new creature for my legs and body and mind since I started this training thing seriously. Woo!


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