Training Day 44 ~ Another GREAT run!!

I knew I needed to get my workout in today because I’ve got my appointment with the girlie doctor tomorrow evening. So…

Hi Front Runners Wednesday Night Fun Run!

I felt GREAT throughout almost the entire run tonight, which was great. There was really only one segment where I was wondering if it would ever end. Woohoo!!!

AND I covered more ground tonight, so that’s just an extra bonus!!

Then I went out with the girls and got a bacon cheeseburger at Dallas BBQ. Hee! It’s ok. I haven’t had a splurge day in a while. Probably good to give the old metabolism a kick.

Tomorrow’s a rest day. Friday’s x-t. And Saturday will be my first 7-miler. That’ll be the furthest I’ve gone not counting warm-up and cool-down. EEEEEEEEEE!!

Also? While staying with my sister would have been awesome, she and her roommate have 2 cats. I’m semi-allergic. And I have this horror of getting there and ending up with a massive asthma attack just before my races. I love Andrea dearly, but we can still do a lot of hanging out and stuff! AND we’re doing the 5K together! So I’m back on property. Staying in All Star Music. 🙂


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