Training Day 43 ~ My own little torture program

Today I was all kinds of indecisive about what to do for my X-T today.

After administrative walk-through at school today, I thought the kickboxing that’s in BFBM would be good. But I was really tired and not sure I could really give it my all.

I wanted to do something longer than the 30 Day Shred, but not really ultra close to an hour.

What to do? What to do?

I opted to create my own little brand of torture. I took the shorter Butt and Balance workout on Bob Harper’s Cardio dvd and the Yoga Abs workout from Yoga for the Warrior and put them back to back.

And yes, I wanted to die.

But I did it! I may twist it up on Friday and do the shorter Strength workout with the abs to get some upper body workout in. So we’ll see what happens!

Oh…and I signed up for a 15K today! It’ll be the 19th of December. Woohoo!!


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