Training Day 42 ~ Changing the interval!

So after weeks of a 3:2 interval, today I got to do something new…

A 3:1 interval!

It went well overall. I felt a bit draggy around the 7th and 8th interval, but then started picking things up. The average pace – including the warm-up and cool-down – was 12:40. So that’s really good! Especially considering that the warm-up pace was 17:01 thanks to traffic.

My total distance covered? 4:26 miles! In 54 minutes. The last couple of weeks it’s been slightly below that in 55 minutes, so I guess the interval DOES help the pace – or distance – or something.

It was kind of cool. I was running in Von King Park just up the street from my apartment, and while I was on one of my laps, these two women who were sitting on a bench and talking stopped their conversation and said “You’re doing really great! Keep it up!” and then a little later a guy passed me (he was walking) and said “Hey, good luck!” without even asking what I was training for. That’s pretty cool!

This week is going to be another change of training run and rest day because of a girly doctor appointment on Thursday. So I’ll probably be running with the club Wednesday evening. Cool!

And yeah…sleepy time!


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