Training Day 41 ~ SRD…and flag football

Rest day for me today!

I did a bit of walking around Manhattan in a quest for a new camera. I went into B&H to look, but OMG that place is INSANE. I couldn’t even figure out where to go to LOOK for a camera much less anything else. And SOOOO many people in there. CRAZYCAKES!! I left as quickly as I came in. Ended up at Best Buy, and I’m really happy with the camera I got.

Then it was off to Prospect Park for some flag football. Even though I have no clue how to throw and can’t necessarily catch, I was all set to play. Until i got hit in the head with a football before we even got to the playing area. I’m ok, but yeah…no.

Still, it was fun to cheer all the ladies on. We lost, but it was closer than it has been in the past from all reports.

Then it was off to Trader Joe’s for some food shopping, and now I’m home to get ready for school this week and chill for the night. Woohoo!

Tomorrow? Good-bye 3:2 intervals and hello 3:1. Joy!


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