Training Day 40 – In which I meet Harlem Hill

No, that’s not a person. It’s the upper loop of Central Park. Hills either way you go. Big, steep hills.

But I did it!

It was my first time doing the whole loop – all 6 miles of it. It had been recommended for me to go clockwise the first time – that way I didn’t have to deal with Cat Hill before Harlem Hill. It was probably a good idea. As it was, I did some walking rather than running in some run segments.

Still, my average pace including warm-up and cool-down was just over a 13 minute mile. So I’m feeling good!

I’m finding something in these long runs – I’m learning how to get through walls. Seems like each time I do a new distance I hit a wall at some point where I just want to stop. But I keep going and get better as I do so. That bodes well for me in the long distance races I think!!

Also? I think pretzel m&ms may be my new go-to energy food! Yum!!!

One more thing on a more serious note… In response to all the bullying and suicides of LGBT youth, Front Runners NY did a video in the It Gets Better Campaign. Please watch and pass along to ANYONE you think might need to see it! Thanks!!


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