Training Day 38 ~ REALLY new shoes!

So today ended up being my SRD since I did my run yesterday. AND we had the day off from school today! All good!

Didn’t do a whole lot. Well, other than officially entering the lottery for the NYC Marathon in 2011!! Cleaned off the DVR a little in the morning, then headed into Manhattan to do a little shopping – like at the asics store! Figured I’d get a pair or two of my GT-2150s before they get changed in 2011.

Well…one advantage of going to the brand’s own store is that sometimes you get surprised.

I now have 2 pair of GT 2160 shoes. The successor to the GT-2150. And the shoe that according to the asics website isn’t even available until January 1!!

I asked the guy about them, and he said that yes, essentially they’re the same shoe ~ this one’s a little lighter and there are minor adjustments. I tried them on, and they feel good. So woo!! I’ll probably run my scheduled races in the two pairs of GT-2150 that I’ve got and then after Disney start breaking in one of the GT 2160 pairs gradually.

We’re a couple of days out from the NYC Half lottery closing. So hopefully I’ll hear something fairly soon after that. I’m about 95% decided on Ottawa if I don’t get NYC. It’ll be fun to go somewhere new – and not having to take off a day from school is a plus. But Nashville is still a possibility. I’m not going to go the charity route for the NYC Half since that’s my fallback plan if/when I don’t get into the full through lottery.

I also got the CUTEST outfit for Saturday night!! Woo!! Complete with size 12 jeans!!! I’m super excited about those. I don’t think I’ve ever worn size 12 jeans! I just sort of skipped right over them. But I wear them now! YAY!


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