Training Day 37 ~ In which I again switch it up

Yes, today should have been a rest day. That will be tomorrow (I *might* Shred, but we’ll see…) I went to Front Runners Wednesday Night run tonight to congratulate the marathon runners who had said they would be their. Apparently for most of them their legs said otherwise. But that’s cool. They did run 26.2 miles on Sunday after all.

But I went ahead and did my second short run for the week tonight. It was 9 reps of 3:2 run:walk – same as Monday. I just did the bottom little loop twice. I started out really well, feeling good. Then on about the 3rd or 4th rep I started feeling draggy. I thought for a little bit about maybe doing what I did last week…and then I remembered how I felt on Thursday last week when I was “finishing” Wednesday’s workout. Yeah, I didn’t want a repeat of that. So I pushed on.

And you know what? In the 6th rep things started falling back into place and feeling better. I “finished strong” so they’d say! Woo!!! AND I wasn’t the last one into the meet-up group at the end! Double woo!!

I’m also double proud – not only did I not quit when I started feeling blechy, I didn’t let myself drop to a walk in those tough run intervals! Go me!!!!


2 thoughts on “Training Day 37 ~ In which I again switch it up

  1. Yah you is right!!! I started running a little over 4 years ago, and I couldn’t do more than a 1/2 mile without thinking I was going to heave. Stick with it — you will be amazed at the progress you can make! And yes, sorry, my right knee is still a little sore so I am being conservative — but thanks again for being out there, with a big ol smile, this weekend!!! -S

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