Training Day 35 ~ back in the gym

After freezing my shrinking butt off outside yesterday, I opted to go to run in the gym rather than fighting the blustery conditions outside. Strong, cold wind? Check! Did that on Governor’s Island!

It actually wasn’t a bad run – with the exception of me being stupid and my first 3 minute run interval actually being counted on my Garmin as part of my warm-up. I moved the treadmill speed and forgot to hit “lap”. Oops. I caught it though, so all is well.

While I definitely like being outside and the challenges that brings, I do think there’s an advantage to being inside on a treadmill. You can really keep the pace consistent (well, other than your own alterations to the speed of the treadmill) rather than the up and down that – at least for me – seems to be the nature of being outside. There is still control – when my legs refused to go anymore at 6mph (yes, I did a couple of intervals at that pace), I could drop it to 5.8 just as I can drop my pace outside. But in the interval itself, the speed is a lot more constant.

Clearly if I was solely focused on pace, there are ways to do that – not the least of which would be finding a group to run with at a given pace. For me, right now I’m just focused on putting in the miles and the time. Once I get that down – like maybe after Disney – I can start to work on pace a little more.

Soooo many things to think about. But for now all I’m thinking about is BED! Night everyone!


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