Training Day 35 ~ Working the Water Station!!

Today was MARATHON DAY!!!!! It was very exciting!!!! But COLD!!!!!

I’m home and trying to get warm now! It was chilly in the shade and with all that liquid around! But OMG it was soooooo fun!! And I am totally inspired! I might actually forego a trip next school year and just use my summer school tuition to pay my charity donation to run with a charity if I don’t get into NYC via the lottery next year!!! Seriously ~ everyone from the first wheelchair participants, to being less than three feet from the top three women and the top three men (I seriously think Meb threw sweat on me), to the latter people walking and limping to the Mile 24 station but continuing to push through so completely inspired me to REALLY want to do it!!!!!

I learned a lot about technique for grabbing cups without taking off the volunteer’s arm, how NOT to go through a water station (try to cut on the inside right by the water/gatorade when you’re not grabbing any…and then look disgustedly at the runners who actually ARE), to just what goes into making a fluid station work (OMG my left arm is going to be soooooo sore for a couple of days from being extended for so long!!!). And overall I had a GREAT time! I’ll do it again…but I really want to run the thing!!!!

I did see the Chilean miner go by. I couldn’t tell that he was limping at the time. And Subway Jared (who is taller than I anticipated). He looked really exhausted. Looking through the Runners World list of celebs, I’m trying to remember if I saw any of them…and honestly couldn’t tell you. Once the first non-elites started, it was a steady stream of people and I barely noticed teammates from Front Runners much less other celebs on the course. It’s kind of cool to think I might have given some of them Gatorade though! Oh yeah…if I never see yellow gatorade again, it’ll be too soon!!! LOL.

I saw one woman go down – it looked like she just got tangled up in her feet. She got up, and I think continues on past the Aid Station. And one guy went by with his hand on his chest – he looked like he wasn’t feeling great, but he kept going. I’ve found out that a running club teammate saved a guy at the finish area – just dropped and started CPR and mouth-to-mouth. I think she came by around the same time that other guy did, or maybe a little after, so I wonder if it was the same guy.

But all it all, it was an AMAZING day, and I’m so glad I participated!! No water station t-shirt (a bunch of HS kids came to volunteer with their teacher, and they pretty much took all the t-shirts), but I’ve got my course volunter lanyard, my NYC Marathon “poncho” (in quotes because it has sleeves, and I never saw a poncho with sleeves) and my memories. Oh, and my pictures are here if you’re interested!

Good times!!!!


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