Training Day 33 ~ Running in the Crazy

Ah, there’s such irony that when I finished up with my last run interval for today’s run the song playing was Chely Wright’s “Notes to the Coroner”. Legit!

Today was one of those craptastic runs that I have to just remind myself is better than no run at all. Several things entered into this. And most of them taught me something to keep in mind as my training continues and I get closer to the WDW Half 1/8/2011.

First: I think I was still sort of blech-y feeling from last night with the carbo unloading I did. I wasn’t feeling sick, sick, but I definitely felt off. LESSON: I do not need to carbo load. I will feel blech-y, and a Beth who feels blech-y isn’t a great runner.

Second: While in theory I may really like Yoga Meltdown, I do NOT need to do Level 2 the day before a run. My butt does not like doing goddess position TWICE with the reps and then the holding for at least 15 seconds each time. Well, I mean I know it does great things for me, but the muscles are NOT happy about it for a couple of days afterwards. (Oh, I know…if I did it more often they’d get used to it. But most of the time I try to do strength or cardio on x-t days. And my preferred yoga dvd really is Bob’s.) LESSON: Ok, that one’s obvious. NO YOGA MELTDOWN LEVEL 2 THE DAY OR SO BEFORE A RUN!!! Especially a race!!!

Third: I was going along fine with my run/walk intervals. I was dodging the people who were taking pictures, the dogs darting across the road, etc. I’d done fine when I took a wrong turn and looped around for a bit. All was well and going as according to plan as it could with my legs hurting a bit. And then towards the end of one of my walk intervals, this group of three people ran by. I have no clue if I was the reason for this “explanation” the guy was giving – I was certainly NOT in their way – but as they were passing me, he was “explaining” to his friends why there were so many people in the park today by saying “Yeah. It’s all these people who think ‘Oh, it’s marathon weekend! I should run!’ and come out here.” And it really got under my skin. As I said, I don’t know that I was the reason for it, but I got so mad about it, I decided to push myself to run faster. Which was stupid on two levels: 1) the idiot was long gone and 2) all I accomplished was burning out my legs so I had to walk a lot more than I intended. LESSON: Don’t let someone else alter my game plan for runs or walks.

Those were the main ones. I got in a lot of practice dodging people as there were a lot of people out taking pics of the finish area and some other places. You’d think runners would be extra aware of people, you know, running, but I get that they’re excited. Hell, *I* am getting all excited about it, and I’m not even running it this year! But I have decided the lottery shall be entered for 2011!! We shall see what happens!!

All in all, between my warm-up, cool-down, and the added distances because of dodging, what should have been a 5 mile run/walk turned into a 6 mile run/walk. The good thing is that even with as much walking as I did, my pace was STILL around a 13 minute mile, so that’s awesome!! But yeah…I was very tired and draggy at the end, and “Notes to the Coroner” seemed like quite the appropriate song.


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