Training Day 31 ~ Ah the should’ves

Yeah. As I suspected would happen, I found today that I should have just done my 45 minutes of 3:2s yesterday and not tried to break it up.

Today wasn’t AWFUL, but my legs definitely let me know when I hit the point that equalled 45 minutes. And they weren’t thrilled with continuing to run. They didn’t hurt, they just felt heavy.

So we compromised, my legs and I. They kept moving, but I allowed them to slip to a walk during the remaining run intervals for at least a minute. Not ideal, but it worked.

I don’t think the Wednesday night thing is going to be super regular. It’s fun, but I really need to be in bed before midnight, so it’s tough to do when you’re not hitting a restaurant until 8:30 or later. If I don’t have to go to school the next day, sure! (Though next week probably is a no-go just because of a lack of flow, and I don’t want to run and not go to dinner.) But probably not when school is going on the next day.

And I need to get in bed like now because I’ve got to get up earlier than normal to get my x-t in. I’ll do Yoga Meltdown…probably level 2. It’s short, but I feel like I’ve done something. And I have to do it BEFORE school because after I will run home long enough to dump the backpack (and pee, who am I kidding) and then head into Manhattan to Front Runners pasta dinner! Woohoo!!

Let the Marathon festivities begin!!! (And yes, the plan is that next year (if lottery gods smile on me) or 2012 at the latest I’ll be DOING it!)


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