Training Day 30 ~ Well…

Yes, I know this should have been a SRD. But I got peer pressured into going to the fun run with Front Runners tonight. It was Wild Women’s Wednesdays, and we all went to dinner afterwards.


I did 30 minutes – 40 when you add in the warm-up and cool-down.

I know, I know. I should have just done ALL of the workout for tomorrow, but I didn’t want people hanging out forever waiting on me. It’s all good.

Actually? One of my better overall times. Who knew?

So tomorrow I’ll probably do 30 minutes because doing 15 would just be silly. But we’ll see. If I’m only feeling 15, I’ll just do 15.

It was worth it ~ a really good time. And a WONDERFUL buffalo burger for dinner afterwards!! YUMMY!!!


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