Training Day 28 ~ Yep…it’s been FOUR WEEKS!!

Today was a 3:2 day of 45 minutes. Plus warm-up and cool-down.

I went to Prospect Park to do it (I opted out of class tonight…it’s ok…we’ll all live), which was fun! That’s quickly becoming a favorite spot to run for me!

Today I decided to change things up and go the opposite way I usually do – which meant I would be going DOWN The Beast, which I liked a lot better…

Until I got to the extreme other side – like to almost where I started – and it was a longer and if this is even possible steeper hill. In the 7th and 8th intervals.

Yeah. I thought I was going to die. I’ve now named this Son of the Beast (SoB for short). I admit, I did drop to walking during my run intervals on SoB. I just couldn’t. I tried. Hard. But eventually I WILL run those intervals!!

Still, I managed 4.27 miles total, and my average pace was 12:51 minute miles. So that’s an improvement from last week! Other than the intervals on SoB, my pace was pretty steadily in the 11ish minute mile range, so I’m really proud of that!

Looking back over the training so far, I’m rally proud of how far I’ve come! I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m getting there. One step at a time!


2 thoughts on “Training Day 28 ~ Yep…it’s been FOUR WEEKS!!

  1. I know!!!!! WOW!!!!!

    You keep it up too!!!!

    Our “slogan” or whatever should be something Toy Story I think. But NOT “to infinity and beyond” since that’s SOOOOO been done. LOL.

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