Signs You’re A Runner…

Just for fun I started numbering my signs I’ve seen that I’ve become a runner. Decided to put them on here. Your mileage may vary (haha) – feel free to share yours in comments!

1. In your first 5K, you shatter your best training time. With a bathroom stop.

2. You sign up for a half marathon only to discover AFTERWARDS that you had extremely hard-to-get tickets for a play for that day…and discover that you don’t really care you’ll have to sell them and probably won’t get to see the play. You’d rather run.

3. You plan appointments and social events around your training calendar.

4. Running club events take over your social calendar.

5. After doing laundry, your apartment smells of your detergent and fabric softener because of all the “air dry only” running clothes draped everywhere.

6. Your shoes are marked to know when to replace them and which shoe goes with which.

7. You are on a writing forum and get all excited about a new race when you see a thread titled “Day One 5K Dash”…only to discover they mean writing 5000 words and not running 3.1 miles.

8. You debate signing up for a race, but do it because you can’t resist a race where the goody bag includes jingle bells to put on your shoes. Really, who can???

9. You have more future races on your calendar than future theatre performances to attend. (Ok, that may just be me…)

10) Your running clothes get their own special drawer in the dresser rather than having to share space with “regular” clothes.

I’m sure more will come along…so there will likely be a sequel to this thread in the future. 🙂


One thought on “Signs You’re A Runner…

  1. For me, the sure sign was that I knew the length of every road within a certain radius. I could start at the crossroads, do 0.5 miles up to the school, 0.4 miles to the Post Office, 0.2 miles downhill to another crossroads… I could map the length of any run, even when route varied, without checking (very useful for mapping routes).

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