Day 26 ~ Long Run + Yoga

Hey, don’t laugh. 5 miles is a long run for me so far! Actually I was slightly over because I didn’t hit my Garmin the right way and ran for a minute or so without it recording the time.

Anyway… I’d gotten to Central Park early because I was one of the Front Runners telling my story for our “It Gets Better” video! We were to be in team gear, and my only thing was my singlet. And it was really chilly outside. I get the “dress for 15 degrees cooler” thing, but sleeveless in the temps this morning was just not a good idea. So I had a black Old Navy yoga jacket on over my FR singlet. David, the guy who was heading it up loaned me his long-sleeve shirt to wear for my segment…it was labeled S but you know what? It fit. A little more form fitting than I usually wear, but it fit! I ended up buying my own long sleeved shirt today – a M just so I have a little extra room. Next paycheck I’ll get a short-sleeved one, so then I’ll be set for any weather. 🙂

Anyway…I’ll let y’all know when and where the video is posted. I taped my segment, a small group segment with 3 other women where we all said “It gets better!” and ad libbed some stuff, and then our whole group huddling together and screaming “It gets better!”

Then it was off for my run. I went counter-clockwise to avoid ending on an uphill note. However, that meant I had to face a nemesis as great as The Beast. Cat Hill. Just as long as The Beast and maybe a little steeper. But just as I did with The Beast, I conquered Cat Hill! Ran for the whole interval I had on it and then started running when my next run interval started and I was almost at the top.

I do admit on the other side of the park, I did drop to a walk for most of a run interval that was on a slow, gradual climb and literally my legs were not going to go if I kept running.

Including warm-up and cool-down, I did 5.75 miles in an hour and 15 minutes. Good to know since I’ll have to do my run early next week because we have the club pancake breakfast (since so many of them are doing the NYC Marathon there really won’t be a fun run…but we have lots of activities: a pasta dinner, a pancake breakfast, and then I’ll be volunteering at the Mile 24 water station! Woo!), so I can know what time I need to plan on starting my run.

Came home and really fought with myself to do Yoga for the Warrior. I was – and still am – tired. I decided to just not go into my bedroom and just do the workout. I did have to pull out of a couple of poses because of hip cramps, but overall I felt good, and I’m glad I did it.

I had a good dinner, and a nice hot shower…and now I’m convincing myself to stay up until at least 8 so I don’t wake up at like 2 or 3. But man, I’m tired today!!


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