Training Day 24 ~ AMAZING day!!

Wow! My second magical run day in a row!! Well…in a row in terms of run days. There was an x-t day and an SRD day in between.

I got home from school and changed, then headed out to Prospect Park. My total distance including warm-up and cool-down was 3.84 miles!! Ok, it’s only .02 of a mile further than I did on Monday, but there are other things to take into consideration.

Like what I’ve come to call “the beast”. Well, when I’m feeling generous. When I’m not, some words I’m not going to force you to read escape my lips when describing it. It’s this long, gradual hill that I swear never seems to stop. I have never been able to start or keep running up it – every run interval where it’s concerned has been dropped to a walk or started as a walk.

But today???

Today I kept running the whole interval that was going when I started it AND I started running at the start of the next running interval that started while I was still on it!!!!! AND my pace for that interval that was almost the whole thing on the beast? My average pace was at a 12:42 minute mile!!!!

I. Am. Proud!!!!!!!

Oh…and I decided to put my name in the lottery for the NYC Half Marathon. It’s in March. I’ll find out sometime after 11:59pm on November 15 – that’s when lottery registration closes. We’ll see what happens. I’ve got a couple of other spring half marathons I’m eyeing if I don’t get drawn in the lottery for the NYC one.


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