Training Day 23 – SRD…and upcoming schedule

Nothing much to report in terms of training today. It was a rest day. Woo!

BUT I added in another race. I know, I know. But it’ll be fun and give me practice in races and running MY pace and not the pace of everyone else around me!

Here’s my race schedule as of now:

11/25 ~ Prospect Park Track Club Turkey Trot 5M
12/5 ~ NYRR Joe Kleinerman 10K
12/11 ~ NYRR Jingle Jog 4M in Prospect Park
12/31 (or 1/1) ~ Emerald Nuts Midnight Run 4M
1/8 ~ Walt Disney World Half Marathon

I’m looking into a spring marathon – possibly the Country Music Half or the Ottawa Half. We’ll see.

I can’t register yet, but Labor Day weekend will definitely be the Disneyland Half!!

And long-term, I’m thinking January 2012 the Walt Disney World Full and November 2012 the NYC Marathon!!

Oh yeah… Gotta share this. I feel like I’m really a runner now – totally in the mindset. And how do I figure this? This morning I was on the forums for National Novel Writing Month. I saw a thread titled “Day One 5K Dash. Who’s In?” and my first reaction was “Ooh! I wonder where the race is and if I can swing it!” Um…no. They meant writing 5000 words. Not running 3.1 miles. Hee!


3 thoughts on “Training Day 23 – SRD…and upcoming schedule

  1. The race schedule looks great! Nice spacing!

    I completely support the Disneyland Half and I think you could be onto something with the Full 2012 and then the NYC Marathon… I could definitely be in on those if you’d still have me as a running partner! 🙂

    Just finished my run this AM and I came home to a chocolate milk-less refrigerator!!! The humidity was awful this morning, but I did up my interval to 4:1 just to try it out. I also skipped Tuesday. 😦 I’ve been a naughty runner this week and felt like I had to make it up.

    10k followed immediately by a 5k on November 14th! This is also my time qualifier and the extent of my registered races.

    Getting excited for January!
    We still need a signoff. 😉

    • Ok, I’ll reply here! 😛

      Thanks! I kept going back and forth about the Jingle Jog, but finally went for it. If I was debating it that much I’d be sad not to. And seriously? Who can resist a race where part of the goody bag is bells for your shoes. (Don’t worry…I’ll take them off before Disney!)

      You’ve got a great pace! I’m usually in the 11-12 minute range when running. I’m trying to get faster, but we’ll see. 🙂 No chocolate milk (or the ability to make it) sucks!!! We will definitely have to have some quick in a cooler with Andrea and whoever else comes to cheer. Post-race drinks FTW!?!?!?! I had to make myself go to the gym on Tuesday for cross-training. If I’d stayed here to do a dvd I would have either not done it or stopped early and not felt bad at all. LOL. At the gym it’s the fear of that “Yeah, I just checked in but I’m done” walk of shame by the front desk that keeps me going on those icky days. Today’s another 3:2 x 8 reps run. Probably going to Prospect Park where there are hills. Woo.

      So many plans to make!!!! I’m hoping they’ll have DL Half registration at the expo (I think the plan is we’ll all head over to get the Half stuff after the 5K – i have to give Andrea my info to pick up my stuff for that) – save on that dang fee!! Grr!!

      Hmm…still trying to think of some kind of sign-off… Something sufficiently Disney, you know? 🙂

      Woohoo!! It’s getting closer!!

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