Training Day 21 ~ Interval Run

Today was one of those great days out running. Everything felt good. I managed to stay at a pretty consistent pace the whole time – and it was a good one too. It was one of those days you with every day could be like.

Granted, they can’t all be like that. But it’s nice to have them to remember on those horrible days. It’s like “Yes, I CAN run…maybe just not today.”

My average pace was 12:51 (and that included my cool down…long story with the warm-up…I was a dork and forgot how to change to my intervals, so the timing looks all kinds of screwy on Garmin Connect), and apparently I got up to as high as 8:18. Wow! Go me!!!

Also? I’m now signed up for a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning! 5 miles in Prospect Park! Woohoo!!! I’m excited!!!!


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