Training Day 20 – long run

Another 4-mile run today at a 3:2 interval. I decided to go the opposite way from what I’ve done before. Not only does that keep me from “knowing” where I am in the route, it means that I don’t have to run UP Cat Hill. I HATE Cat Hill.

Don’t get me wrong…there are still hills going the other way, but they’re more gradual and not all at once. Much more manageable. And I only had to slip to walking once!! Woohoo!!

Overall I felt great! My pace was good – running pace was 11:17-13:02; walking pace was 13:27-15:11 (when I was going for the inhaler to be safe). Woot!! My average pace got screwed up because I did my cool-down by stepping in place since the one thing with going the way I went today that’s awkward is I can’t not stop at the group gathering. So that messed up my pace. I think I may just not program in a cool down next week just in case. That way my pace doesn’t get all thrown off.

After running club, I hit Paragon Sports to spend my gift card and racked up! One vest, one t-shirt, one sports bra, two pair of running capri tights, three pair of socks, and four mint chocolate GU packets! AND I’ve still got some money left on the card! WOOT!!! Very exciting!!

Came home with enough time to shower and head out for a farewell party for a girl from running club who’s moving to London. Much fun!! Ate too much, but it’s ok. I can burn it off!

And now I’m tired and am going to bed! Night!! Tomorrow I shall do yoga!


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