Training Day 19 ~ Cardio Cross-Training

Given that my new medication can cause a potassium deficiency, I upped the potassium with juice…which meant my calorie intake upped a lot too. So I had very few calories left over for dinner. Well, before exercise – since I get to eat back m exercise calories.

So I decided to do Jillian’s Banish Fat Boost Metabolism dvd today figuring it would burn more calories than No More Trouble Zones. And it did. Like double!

And the best part? I was able to do the whole thing today! Like the jumps and everything!! Yay for progress!!!!! I needed that after the whole doctor’s office thing yesterday.

Then I went to a fund-raiser/party for the members of Front Runners who are running for Harlem United. Much fun. And lots of snacky foods. And cake. So…I went a little over my calories today. Oh well. There’s a pretty good chance I’ll do the same thing tomorrow as there’s another running club party. But you know what? It will be ok. It’s not an every day thing, and I do know when to stop munching – did that tonight. I got full and stopped. So woo!!

And now I should get ready for bed. (I would have probably done this about 45 minutes ago, but the chapel at my seminary burned down today (well, basically), and I needed to find information about it. No one was hurt, but the chapel is pretty much a total loss.) Running club fun run tomorrow!!


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