Training Day 18 – SRD (well…kind of)

Today was my SRD since I switched things up because of my physical.

Overall it was ok. I’m kinda bummed that a) the weight loss I’ve accomplished since I was there the last time wasn’t really acknowledged and b) all the exercise and eating right etc. seems to have done nothing for my BP, which runs high in doctors’ offices. He’s started me on a “water pill” because he says that the elevation even in the doctor’s office all the time like I have indicates a tendency for hypertension.

So I’m sort of feeling like why even bother now.

I mean, I’m not going to stop running and working out. I know that. I’m still doing the Half Marathon. And now I’ve added in the 5K on the Friday morning of marathon weekend – my sister has decided to do THAT instead of the Half, so woo! And I’m going to keep working on my eating.

But it’s so frustrating to do ALL of this and it seems to do no good. 😦

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day. Strength training and then a fundraiser/social with running club!


2 thoughts on “Training Day 18 – SRD (well…kind of)

  1. BULLSHIT that it does no good. You look great. You are running and exercising at a level that you were not before. You are going to run 13.1 miles and you are going to be ready for it. You are a reminder to me that hard work pays off.

    The doctor is an ass for not noticing the healthy changes you’ve made.

    If you don’t think you need the water pill, get a second opinion. BP is only one indicator of health anyway. You’re doing great.

    • Thanks Carli!

      I’m generally feeling more positive this morning. It was just that initial WTF???? that had me down. He did say that my exercise level was good when he asked about it, so that was positive.

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