Training Day 17 – Interval Run or Mind over Wheezing

Yes, I know Wednesday is supposed to be an SRD. But I’ve got my physical tomorrow afternoon (evening? what does 5:20 qualify as?), and I wanted to be sure and get my run in. So I made the choice to swap the days for this week only.

It was pretty nice, so I decided to go to Prospect Park. Woohoo! I started off great – my first run interval average pace was 10:38! And my first walking pace was 13:36! I was on fire!

And then…I realized I had been stupid and left my inhaler at home. And that started messing with my mind. And I started feeling like I was wheezing. I was also on the other side of the park from where I enter the park. So really my only choices were to slow it down a little and keep going (or turn around, but it was pretty much going to be the same distance) or find an emergency box, call for help and sit and wait. And I really wasn’t wheezing that badly. Nothing like when I went to the ER a couple of years ago.

So I slowed it to a brisk walk and kept going, focusing on my breathing and keeping it as deep as I could. Also kept up the hydration – but not too much! Didn’t want to deal with hypotranemia on top of everything else. The slowest pace I had while walking an intended running segment was 15:09 minute mile…which is still pretty brisk…and that was the long, sloping hill. And I was even able to run a little during the last couple of running intervals.

My overall average speed? Still 13:54 – so right there with what I’ve been doing lately. At least I’m consistent! And I proved to myself that I CAN do it. And while I do have “reactive airway disease” (aka allergy-induced asthma), it’s generally pretty mild, and I really think that a good bit of it regarding exercise is mental. Proof beyond the fact that I did it? I didn’t have to get my inhaler when I got home. I’d gotten the wheezing under control and was breathing fine. I need to remember this. Badly!

In fun news, I get to go running clothes shopping this weekend!!! All of us who did the GOGI 10K were invited to take our bib by Paragon Sports and enter a raffle for a couple of $250 gift cards to Paragon. AND I WON!!! Soooooo excited!! First priority is a running vest – ideally I’d LOVE a jacket with zip-off sleeves, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to find one of those. Then it will be some compression shorts and some running pants – either tights or capris. And then we’ll see. But woohoo!!


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