Training Day 16 – strength

Another day of No More Trouble Zones. I do generally love the workout (the back-to-back bicycle crunches and squirms aside), but I do wish there was truth in “advertising” the length of the workout on the dvd. Everything says 40 minutes.


Well, ok…maybe the workout is 40 minutes…if you skip the warm-up and cool down. Assuming you do those as you should, you’re looking at 55 minutes.

Not a big deal unless you’re trying to get it in before heading to, oh, say a chiropractor’s appointment. I did make it – even stopping at 2 different bodegas looking for chocolate milk (because I didn’t have the time to make it at home).

My usual chiro wasn’t there today. A woman was there instead. Her technique was quite a bit different than my usual guy…I don’t feel quite as good as after he adjusts me. I’ve got an appointment for Thursday…but if it’s her again, I may leave after the back e.c.t. and massage. But I figure overall going before my physical should relax me a good bit to hopefully overcome my usual white coat syndrome I get at the doctor’s office.

We’ll see.


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