Training Day 15 – Great run!!

Today was one of those great run days. Everything just felt right, and I made it without looking at my watch for how much longer in an interval nearly as much as I’ve been doing.

My running pace was good – ranging from 11:19 minute mile to 12:23 minute mile! Seriously!

My walking pace I need to pick up – the fastest I got it was 13:59 minute mile. And I KNOW I can do better than that. Something to work for. Pick up the walking pace while keeping the running pace around where it is.

So…Wednesday! Yes, I’m moving my run day from Thursday this week because I’ve got my physical on Thursday and while I *might* be able to make it time-wise, I’d rather not explain that temperature and maybe blood pressure is up because I had just been out running. Wednesday my goal is to keep the running around the same pace but bump that walking up into the 13 minute mile range.

I can do it!


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