Training Day 13 – Long Run and Yoga

Saturday means long run day! It also means (usually) going to the Front Runners Saturday fun run in Central Park. And that’s what it meant today!

I went with the middle loop today – from what I understand it’s about 4 miles, and that was my scheduled distance for today. I actually did 4.16 miles on the run/walk (3:2 interval) and .88 miles on the warm-up and cool-down combined. Overall I felt really good. One run segment I tried to run but ended up walking because it was a long, sloping hill and my legs and lungs were just not having any of it, so I walked almost al of it, but kept my pace up. Another I walked for about 45 seconds in the middle – again, hill. When I hit the third sloping hill, I made myself run it – it was towards the end – and though I was slow, I did it. I figure the more I work with hills, the better it will ultimately be for my speed. Especially since most of the Disney Half is pancake flat.

I did improve my time from the last time I did the same loop though! 🙂 I know because I beat the larger group back to Rutgers. I peeled off the main path and went up by Strawberry Fields because a) I figured based on the last time I did that loop everyone was already back at the church and b) I needed to do a cool down walk and not just stop and wait for a while. I did that last week, and spent a good portion of the time with my head between my knees (though whether that was lack of water or the stopping from a full-on workout is anybody’s guess) so I wouldn’t puke or pass out.

Met up with a friend in Manhattan to exchange a confirmation number for Angels In America tickets for a check. I’d gotten tickets for a “marathon” performance of it on…wait for it…January 8. I remember initially rejecting doing the WDW Half in 2011 because of that, but then I got caught up in the fun of running and the idea of doing the Coast to Coast in 2011 and totally forgot about the play tickets until I went to put the Half on the calendar. Oops! Oh well…ultimately I’m going to get more out of running the race! And my friend gets to see AIA. So we both win!

Came home and did Bob Harper’s Yoga for the Warrior. Again, I love it! I was a little stiffer than normal – probably from the chiropractor visit yesterday. He told me I might be a little sore since it had been a while. But overall I felt great during both the run and the yoga!

Woo! I like days like today!


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