Training Day 12 ~ Strength…and the Chiropractor

Strength training day! I did No More Trouble Zones again. This time I managed to to the plank rows on my feet, so woo! I still hate surrenders. And bicycle crunches followed immediately by squirms is still pure evil. But overall it’s a great workout. And even the pure evil things are good for me.

After that, I changed back into regular clothes and headed to my chiropractor. I wanted to see him about the twinginess in my hip. It’s been a while since I went to see him. Even before he felt things, he said “Oh yeah…I can tell something’s off by the way you’re standing.” Yeah…I got myself out of alignment. What fun. But he thinks it’ll be a pretty simple fix, so woo! I’m going back Tuesday…and probably again next Friday. As he said “Let’s try and knock this out quickly.”

Also? I’m now officially a member of New York Road Runners. Well…I’ll get my number in a couple of days and my packet in the mail in the next couple of weeks, but I’m all signed up. And signed up for two races – one on December 5 (a 10K) and one at midnight on December 31 (4 miles)! So psyched!!

Tomorrow it’s running club’s fun run! And yoga!! Yay!!!!


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