Training Day 11 ~ Running in the Rain!

Today was another interval day. 35 minutes at 3:2. I had already decided to try and do it outside – the intent was for Prospect Park. I knew there was a chance I would be rained on, but as someone pointed out, I’m not going to NOT run the WDW Half if the weather is gross. So rain or not, I would run outside.

Well, it was looking pretty threatening, and after the storms we’ve had around here lately I decided to still go outside, but stay closer to home. So I went to the little park that’s about a block away. It meant lots of laps, but in a way that might have been better because I didn’t have the mental thing of knowing how far I was going. It’s also pretty flat, so I didn’t have hills to deal with.

It DID rain, but it wasn’t pouring. There were actually some dry spots still on my shirt, which impressed me. My total distance, including warm-up, cool-down, and stride/form drills was 3.79 miles. Overall I felt good about it. I’m figuring out just how much is mental in this running thing. It’s kind of like some of my yoga poses…if I don’t think I do better.

My average speed was 13:39 minute miles. But that includes my warm-up and cool-down paces. As well as the VERY slow walks between stride/forms. When I look at my “lap” times (Thanks Garmin! You make this SOOOOO easy!!) my running intervals fell between 11:19 minute miles to 12:35 minute miles – so I feel good about that.

Oh…you want to know about stride/form drills? Yucky evil things! But necessary. In Marathoning for Mortals they are described as “table manners”. It’s where you build up speed and basically sprint for 30 seconds working on staying upright and moving your feet as fast as you can so you work on your running form. You do them once a week AFTER your workout and cool-down. Not fun…but like some of the veggies I’m not a huge fan of, they’re good for me and I’ll learn to if not love at least appreciate them.

I will say this…Von King Park is great for these. There are two different paths that are just straight lines, so I picked one and did my stride/forms up and down that. About halfway down was 30 seconds, then I’d walk SLOWLY to the other end and go again back the other direction. I kept my Garmin on “cool down” to get credit for the calories burned, so I don’t know my pace for all of them, but I know my fastest pace was 6:09 minute miles. Now…I know better than to think I can do that long term. I was sooooooo happy to hit 30 seconds so I could walk. But I know I CAN go that fast for a short distance if necessary at the end of a good workout. So woo.

I rewarded myself for doing my stride/forms with a nice glass of chocolate milk! YUM!!!!


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