Training Day 10 ~ SRD but NEWS!!!

My standard SRD Wednesday, so no great activities besides going to Trader Joe’s after school and hauling bags back (milk and bananas weigh a lot!) to my apartment.

BUT I got good news!!!

I’d submitted my time from the GOGI 10K to Disney with an estimated finish of 2:45 – let’s all remember my finish time in the 10K was 1:17:19. A couple of people on a message board had been a little negative – like “I wouldn’t bother since most converter sites say that for a 2:45 half you should pull a 1:14 10K” – but I decided I had nothing to lose. I did add in the disclaimer that I’d only had 2 weeks to really train for the 10K, so I felt confident that with 14 weeks of training I would be able to drop that time by a few minutes.

Well, today I heard back that they accepted the time, so I’ll be in the 2:45 corral!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!

Now…I’m 99% sure I’m doing another 10K in December, so we’ll see what my time is then. If it’s significantly faster I will print those results and bring them with me to Disney. But if not, then I’ll just be happy in the 2:45 corral and get up towards the front! 🙂

Actually my running partner for the Half, Seth, has his 10K in November. We’ll be in whichever corral the slower one of us is – you’re allowed to move BACK corrals, just not up without proof of time. Whichever one we end up in, we’ll just get up towards the front. The more distance we can get between ourselves and the last person to cross the starting line (at which point the 16 minute-mile sweep clock starts), the better!! 😛


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